Flea! Was an original Ukulele Opera led by local professional artists incorporating the communities of Bridport and wider Dorset. The performance brought together varying art forms but centred around the abilities of the Ukulele instrument.

O T Event Technicians were able to provide a full theatrical lighting design for the project allowing our team to create the perfect atmosphere for the performance. The Circus theme gave our designer the opportunity to inject colour and texture within the design. They established a dramatic concept which highlighted the theatricality of the production and celebrate the inclusivity of the project. Our lighting designer worked closely with one of our experienced programmers to ensure that the shows original vision was executed. We also provided a lighting technician to operate for the performances, maintaining all electrical equipment to a high standard and carrying out relighting where necessary.

The company also supplied an intelligent lighting rig consisting of spots, washes and beams allowing full flexibility for our lighting designer. Included within this package was lighting control, DMX networks and distribution.  All of our fixtures were rigged by our team of technicians ensuring a safe working environment at all times. To enhance the output of the lighting fixtures we provided both haze and smoke effects which were also used to establish the atmosphere of the extraordinary flea circus.

If you are producing a community project, then our team of event organisers and technical support can offer you the guidance you need. O T Event Technicians are able to provide a range of lighting and sound equipment to complement any production. As a company we strive to make sure that your vision and concept is achieved to its full potential.