Dorchester Community Plays Association develops inclusive projects for the community and gives them the opportunity to become part of the production through various roles. Community theatre is something that many of us here at O T Event Technicians are passionate about and we are very proud to be associated with their most recent production of Drummer Hodge.

We provided a generic lighting rig for this promenade performance which was appropriate for the client’s budget requirements. Within this package O T Event Technicians provided cabling, rigging, DMX distribution and lighting control as well as experienced technicians to install and run the production. Our technicians also installed sound equipment to reinforce the actor’s performances within this unusual configuration. The arrangement of the staging within the space meant that high quality communications were required therefore, we supplied a state of the art intercom system to ensure that all technical staff had full communication at all times.  

We had the opportunity to provide pyrotechnics for this performance to simulate gunfire. The importance of safety when using pyro is something that we are continually aware of and our technicians are fully trained when using the product. Pyrotechnics can make an impressive addition to any production whether it is simulating gunfire within a play or announcing the arrival of the Fairy within a pantomime.  We are always willing to consider how the effect can be used effectively and most importantly safely within a performance.

If you are involved in any community production and would like to learn more about the options available for your performance, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team. We love to support community theatre where we can, even if you just need some advice we are happy to help.